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Our Difference 

Developments in technology, the rise of the internet and the omnipresence of social media, have lead to the perception (and to some extent the reality) that legal services are increasingly commoditised. Furthermore, Australia is blessed with many very competent lawyers capable of providing the sorts of commercial, tax and property related services we provide.
So why should you choose us?
Well, for a few simple but critical reasons:
  • We focus on solutions and outcomes, rather than problems. Meaning that rather than tell you just what you cannot do, or worse, give you a technical answer and leave the decision to you; we will guide you towards the best available outcome.
  • We actively strive to minimise legal costs, without sacrificing quality of output.
  • Because each of our lawyers has a broad range of commercial and tax law skills, we are not burdened by over-specialisation. Meaning that our clients do not generally require an enormous team of very narrowly specialised lawyers to cope with multi-faceted problems.
  • We work with our clients to establish realistic timelines, then seek to exceed expectations.
Colourful shipping crates in a rainbow formation, depicting gay pride.
How we charge
We are well aware that legal costs are to the majority of our clients, a necessary evil. That understanding is at the heart of the way that we deliver services to our clients.
We always strive to ensure that a dollar invested in legal fees is demonstrably linked to a financial return, or a beneficial outcome. Our cost-conscious ethos manifests in several key ways:
  • We consider all problems from a holistic, outcomes focused perspective, not a purely legalistic one. The best business outcome is almost always the outcome that puts (or leaves) the most money in our client’s pocket, after all expenses, including legal fees.
  • We do not focus on legal issues just because they are there, but only if they are a genuine problem to be solved, or a genuine tool at the disposal of our client.
  • We do not promote or facilitate disputes where the potential outcome does not justify the risks or costs involved.
  • We do not sweat the small stuff.  We will leave a stone unturned if we know in advance that there is nothing under it; and if a particular “t” can stand to remain uncrossed, or a given “I” undotted, that is what we will do.
Essentially, we treat our clients’ money with the same respect as we treat our own. We are able to tailor a cost and billing model to suit most client needs. 
Whilst a large proportion of our work continues to be performed on a standard hourly rates basis. we are equally happy to utilise alternative billing methods such as:
  • Fixed fees;
  • Collared fees;
  • Monthly retainers; or
  • Result based incentive fees.
If you can conceive of it, we are happy to talk about it.